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Sell My House Fast in Longview, Texas

We buy houses in Texas and Longview; if you want to sell your house fast, we can pay a cash price in the next week. Fill out this form to get started. 

No obligation, no fees, no commissions, and no risk.

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We Buy Houses in Longview, Texas

Want to Sell Your House Fast? Let us do this for you, quick and free. We buy houses in Longview, Texas in 7 days. Here is how it works.

If you’d like to sell your house fast without a headache, we can help! Whether your home is in good condition or needs a lot of work, you’ll still get a fair price. We buy houses in Longview. We’ve been helping people for years and have a reputation for providing outstanding service. Our years of experience also mean we know how to close fast. So if you want to sell your house fast, give us a call today!

3 Steps to Sell Your House Fast in Longview

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Get a fair offer within 24 hours

When you want to sell your house fast, it’s not always easy to find a buyer. With our cash offer program we make the process easy – in as little as 24 hours we can give you a cash offer for your home…all cash!

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Pick the date you want to close

Selling your house can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. You’ve worked hard and it’s time to reap the reward. We can take all the stress out of selling your house so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are getting the best deal for your home and getting the most cash possible.

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Sell on your terms. Close quickly

Have the flexibility to sell on the date you choose. We can often close in as quick as 7 days with our Cash Offer Program. The easiest way to get your home sold is to select a flexible closing date that works for your schedule.

We’ll guide you through every step.

What are the benefits if I sell my house fast to Next Step House Buyers?

Have you tried to sell your house before? You may have found it frustrating and stressful, going back and forth with buyers, making repairs, and desperate to find a new place to live. But remember, you have choices. You can choose to sell your house fast. At Next Step House Buyers, we can help you select a comfortable selling strategy. You can sell your property in any condition. That means you can forget about the old pile of clutter, wall cracks, and the non-functional boiler. You don’t have to hire home inspectors and see which items require replacement. You don’t have to upgrade your home to meet the set appraised value. You can give up your stress, anxiety and enjoy a new level of relief.

Our Cash Offer Program

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Sell your house fast to Next Step House Buyers

We’ll make you a fair cash offer so you can sell without the hassles and stress of listing.

  • Competitive cash offer within 24 hours
    Tell us about your house, then we’ll carefully evaluate it with local market expertise and provide you a fair, no-obligation offer.
  • No Showings – No Hassles
    We make the process simple. When you work with us, we buy your house “as-is”.
  • You choose your closing day
    Once we make an offer, we are able to close in days, not months. You pick the date that is best for you.
  • We pay ALL closing costs
    Closing costs can add up, which is why we cover them for you. Absolutely zero extra costs or hidden fees.
  • Zero fees. Zero commissions
    Since we’re buying your house, we charge no fees and no commissions. The sales price is the amount that goes into your pocket.
  • We’ll cover any repairs
    Does your house need repairs? We’ll handle them for you. You can even leave behind unwanted items and we’ll haul them off – no extra charge.

The Traditional Way

  1. The months it takes to sell add up
    Your home is costing you money the whole time it sits on the market. Some people just can’t wait 90 days to sell their house.
  2. Plenty of showings and disruption to your life
    Not only do you have to get your house ready to show, but the number of showings can provide a serious disruption to your life.
  3. It takes forever to close
    It takes anywhere from 30-60 days to close after accepting a buyer’s offer – that’s assuming that their financing doesn’t fall through…
  4. 1-2% in closing costs paid by you, the seller
    On average, a seller is responsible for up to 2% of the sales price in the form of closing costs.
  5. Fees and commissions stack up
    In addition to closing costs, commissions and fees stack up and reduce how much goes in your pocket. On average, 6% in commissions/fees are paid by a seller.
  6. You could be on the hook for repairs
    Depending on what pops under during the inspection period, you could be on the hook for repairs that you didn’t know you needed.

Trusted And Reliable Local Longview Homebuyers

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Sell Your House Fast – As Little As 7 Days

When you are faced with the decision to sell a property, it’s easy to get caught up in emotions. You may be worried about what repairs still need to be finished, or that there isn’t enough time to market the house or schedule showings, or even see if you can find a buyer who will pay more than you need so you can renovate, build an addition or whatever. But selling your house fast is a better option.

No matter the state of the real estate market, it seems that everyone is looking for a quick way to sell their home. Maybe you’re having trouble getting your home sold through a realtor, or perhaps you’ve tried for weeks to get help from other services. Whatever your story, we can help with our award-winning customer service team of real estate experts and our fast, efficient approach to buying homes that ensure you get a fair price in as little time as possible.

How We Buy Houses?

Homeowners can avoid months of stress and anxiety while they hope to sell their house in a standard real estate transaction. With Next Step House Buyers, homeowners have the flexibility to sell on the date they choose. We can often close in as quick as 7 days with our Cash Offer Program.

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Tell us about your house: we’ll get to work today analyzing your property.

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We’ll make you a fair offer based on the market value and condition.

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You get to choose the selling option that works best for you (zero obligation).

Selling To Next Step House Buyers vs Listing Your Property With A Local Real Estate Agent

We'll buy any house in Longview, Texas - Give us a call now!

Your house is all tied up. And you want it out of the picture. You want to get the sale over and done with. However, traditionally selling your house leaves you financially vulnerable. From paying sellers’ agent commissions to carrying out repairs for prospective buyers, selling your home in a conventional way involves more time and money than you have.

Why sell your house in a traditional way and turn it into a waiting game? Selling your home can be very stressful, especially when you’re not in the proper situation to accept whatever the buyer is offering to you. This is where an immediate cash offer can solve your problem. When you sell your home fast for cash, you eliminate uncertainties and make selling your property much more effortless. Right now, there are many people who need to sell their homes due to personal reasons, job relocation, and foreclosures. This ideal provides you with an excellent opportunity to put your property on sale without the worry of paying any closing costs. In addition, selling for cash doesn’t include any hidden fees or commissions because that’s what we do — sell houses for cash.

Get An Offer Today, Sell In A Matter Of Days...

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Sell Your House Fast for Cash

Our process is an open book. We don’t need to hide behind the secrecy of commission charges or mortgage applications. We don’t require approval from anybody else to offer you a realistic, fair, cash price for your house on the same day you contact us. Today when you contact us, we can send you a cash offer in the next 24 hours. You don’t have to deal with repairs, commissions, closing costs, or unexpected expenses. There is no hassle for you as we have a dedicated team that’s working for you.

We buy houses in Longview, Texas 75601 and all surrounding areas in Texas. If you need to sell your house fast in Texas, connect with us… we’d love to make you a fair no-obligation no-hassle offer. Take it or leave it. You’ve got nothing to lose 🙂